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The Shirazis, "Imam" Tawhidi, Yassir Habib, Allayari | BACKFIRE - This video is just an introduction. !

A new twisted brand of British “Shiaism” now threatens to break apart the Islamic Ummah. Have you ever wondered why Takfiri Wahhabis - or even some Sunni brothers who have unfortunately fallen into the Takfiri mindset - hate you the moment they find out you’re Shia?

That’s because there is a corrupted shade of Shia Islam which has been painted by British policies in order to taint the image of the noble Shia School of Thought.Islamic Pulse breaks down the main figureheads of the Shirazi Cult. As well as individuals like Mujtaba Shirazi, Yassir Habib, Brother Tawhidi, Husayn Shirazi, Allayari -

 Muslims must be aware that there is a corrupt "Marja" who is fanning the flames of sectarianism. Muslims must be cautious of any public speakers who endorse this corrupt Marja, including individuals like Ammar Nakshawani.

The corruption being created by British Shiaism goes deeper than you can imagine and things can be confusing at times. Understand the dynamics and follow the principles taught to us by the Ahlulbayt (A).

This video is just an introduction. We will bring you more in-depth background of this British-driven cult and how they are creating fitna within the Muslim Ummah. Stay tuned! Insha'Allah.

Duration: 29:37

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